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lör 09 juli


Online Event in Zoom

Dolphin & Whale Attunement and Healing Session

Reconnect with the Dolphin Collective and meet with your Dolphin Guide

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Dolphin & Whale Attunement and Healing Session
Dolphin & Whale Attunement and Healing Session

Tid och plats

09 juli 2022 12:30 – 14:00 CEST

Online Event in Zoom

Om evenemanget

In this session, you travel in Soul Consciousness through a six-dimensional portal in the ocean to the Kingdom of Dolphins and Whales, under the Ocean. This wonderful, loving world is a world of only love and light, abundance, and joy. Dolphins and Whales are highly spiritual light beings from Sirius B and vibrate in the 6th dimension. They are here on Earth in physical form to help build the New Earth in the 5th dimension by receiving Solar Light codes from the etheric Sun and Sirius B and transmitting and anchoring these Light codes of Unconditional love into the Earth Grid and into the New Earth templates and chakras. You receive an activation of your Dolphin Matrix- and Whale Matrix Chakra, as well as new I AM Avatar Blueprint DNA Key Code Energy Templates holding New Crystalline and Diamond Solar Light codes from the etheric Sun helping to build the New Earth. In the process of activating and receiving the New Dolphin Matrix - and Whale Matrix Chakra Templates and codes, you upgrade your energy system and implement these codes into your DNA. You also become a Reciever and Transmitter of these beautiful codes, as they are implemented into your energy field and transmitted to all souls you connect with that are acceptable to these codes at their Highest Light level. You meet the Commanders of The Dolphin collective on Gaia, merge with your Dolphin Higher Self and meet your Dolphin guide from Sirius B and create a deeper connection with your Dolphin guide. Through the language of Light, you receive healing from The Dolphin Medical Team in a Golden and Blue healing pod of Light and receive the sonic vibrations of love and light that they convey through time and space. Join, us on a beautiful journey into another world ~ into the Kingdom of Dolphins and Whales. You receive the full spectrum of frequencies by listening to this session in meditation with earphones, and you can receive the frequencies in this session as often as you feel guided to.

The Swedish introduction starts at 12:30 PM CET, and the Light Transmission in English, including a channeled introduction in English, starts at 12:45 PM CET.

With Love and Blessings, Susanna

Incl. meditation music. Mp3 file

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