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888 Lionsgate with Lemurian Crystals

Healing Light Transmission in Zoom. Audio.

  • 555 Swedish kronor
  • Online session in Zoom

Beskrivning av tjänsten

The 888 Lionportal Lemurian Seed Quarts Crystals Light Transmission 90 min. Live audio transmission. The Swedish introduction starts at 6 PM CET, and the Light Transmission in English, including a channeled introduction in English, begins at approx. 6:10 PM CET. In this session, you receive the cosmic energies coming in through the 888 Lionsgate portal assisted by the Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals and Mother Earth. In this session, you are showered with crystallin energy and receive the sacred activations, messages, and healing that these amazing crystals can offer you during the 888 Lionsportal. If you have lived lifetimes in Lemuria, you will also potentially activate your Lemurian memory of being Lemurian. Reawakening your abilities and memory of yourself as a Lemurian High Priestess, Oracle, Healer, and Teacher. If you have Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals or other crystals, you can have them placed around you or in your hand during the session. Having them around you will purify them and fill them with energy. In this session, you are going to be energetically cleansed, filled up with crystalline life force energy, and receive the healing and blessings of the crystals and Mother Earth amplified by the 888 Lionsportal cosmic energies. I warmly welcome you to partake in this blessed event to support your spiritual healing, ascension, and expansion in Christ Consciousness. With love and blessings, Namasté, Susanna Read more about Light Transmissions under the tab Light Transmissions. Läs mer om Light Transmission under fliken Light Transmissions.

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