Manifesting Your Heart's Desire With The Ascended Masters

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire With The Ascended Masters

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As we now enter 2021, the cosmic energies of New Beginnings flowing over Gaia from the center of our Universe, the Great Central Sun, offer you increased opportunities to more fully ascend into the timelines of light and love available to you in 5D, when Gaia rises in vibration.


In this beautiful Light transmission, you are helped to transcend the karmic timelines and step into the parallel timelines of light that are very close to you in 5D. These timelines resonate with a consciousness of abundance on all levels of your life, living with joy, love, ease and at the same time receiving abundance in relationships, jobs, and material things without effort, living from the Heart.


In this beautiful transmission of light, you will work with the Seven Masters of the Rays, who assist you in ascending into the Higher timelines of abundance and prosperity consciousness: El Moria, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venusian, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Lady Nada and Saint Germain, and you will receive from each master specific codes of abundance in each chakra to promote a consciousness of lightness, abundance, receptivity, flow and creativity where you are guided by the heart in all choices to support you in creating your best 2021 and beyond. You travel in Soul consciousness to Shamballa and The Golden Temple of Shamball, where you receive channeled messages and Abundance and Prosperity Light codes in each of the chakras connected to each of the Seven Rays.


The power of setting the intention for the year in the portal of the energy of New Beginnings will color your entire year and beyond. Welcome to this beautiful healing Light transmission and meditation.


Includes meditation music.

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